Geodex Search is an implementation of Project 418 and is an example of one way the indexes and services of P418 could be used to build.

There are other interfaces that demonstrate using the same P418 indexes and services.

All code for this and other search interfaces is hosted on GitHub for people to inspect.

The real stars of P418 are unquestionably the community of data providers. See the About section for a list of link to their sites.

Geodex is very much a work in progress and scopes only a subset of available resources. To help is assessing what is here a set of example searches are available.

hikurangi margin
A simple example. ( try it)
hikrangi~ margin
What if we are unsure of our spelling of a term? We can ~ to request fuzzy matching on terms. ( try it)
ridge vents
In search we can also see identifying and linking connections to frictionless packages. ( try it)
sediment transport in rivers -Luquillo
We can also request terms be removed with -. Conversely, we can request terms be present with +. ( try it)
This is a place holder example where we will try to link into the parameter descriptions. ( try it)