Assay P418
This page is a place holder.. material under development

Discuss and demonstrate ideas for proper citation to providers. A tangent though is to look for citation info (or citation coverage) in the exposed metadata. Ie, does the provider expose information that would address Force11 citation for example?

Show the various vocabularies providers are using as a means to allow others to learn of various patterns

Make the indexes available for download (will be in the data section). Perhaps do this as links to Frictionless data packages for the generated indexes. All three in one FD package? Include citation data in this too. (and link to prov.. include prov-aq subsystem in the page.)

Talk about the use of the type Org metadata (ref RE3) to annotate the sitemap links and prov graph to connect resources to provider

Expose the prov graph here generated during indexing

Data coverage (maybe programmatic via framing?)
An initial approach to data coverage would be to take a look at t he 17 or so Google terms. Then see how many of those are being leveraged (and how much) in the various providers and also in aggregate.

Another thought on "coverage" would be to look at the AGU Enabling FAIR Data work and see if there is any sort of assessment of coverage that could take place through this.

Assay points